Bill Barr

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Vigilantism, again in the news, is an American tradition.

4 min read
For many Americans, law and order has long been as much a private matter as something for the government to handle.

Can Trump win?

3 min read
It looks more and more unlikely to happen right now. But what if Trump overcomes his mistakes and his lies, and actually wins in November? It is still possible. Here is how.


4 min read
This time, I think real change is coming.

While you can’t pay attention...

6 min read
If you don’t think that Donald Trump and his Administration threaten our country’s basic values, traditions and laws, then you haven’t been paying attention. Of course it’s hard to keep up with the news and provide for your family’s needs during a pandemic.

The Epstein–Barr virus: Why conspiracies beget more conspiracies.

11 min read
Dispatches from a post-truth world. Part 41 of a series on politics and game theory, this on the theories about Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.
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