Book Review

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Boris Johnson is “an unrepentant and inveterate liar.”

3 min read
An explosive new book written by a former Top French diplomat looks back at Britain’s Brexit years, the Brexiters’ WW2 myths, and PM Boris Johnson’s lies without concessions.

The rough beast of Atlas Shrugged slouches through the right wing.

7 min read
Greg Camp on his third try at reading Ayn Rand’s book and why he is pleased that the copy he read came from the public library.

The historian who can help us all make sense of the mess the world’s in.

5 min read
We are, as Timothy Snyder is urgently reminding us, perilously close to the edge of the fascist cliff.

The politics of Brexit through a novelist’s eyes.

6 min read
We often look to journalists, and sometimes academics, to make sense of contemporary political events but a different and potentially richer set of insights come from novelists. Reviewing Jonathan Coe’s book, Middle England.
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