Boris Johnson

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Coronavirus emergency powers: Parliament must not waste its third and final chance to review them.

4 min read
MPs should resist attempts to accumulate further executive power, and ensure the government respects parliament’s role at the heart of the UK’s constitution.

Scottish independence: The Tories’ worst nightmare.

5 min read
Scottish independence would leave Brexit England small, isolated and alone, unable to avoid the truth that it’s neither great nor exceptional.

Boris Johnson fails the ‘showman-to-statesman’ test in party conference speech.

5 min read
Billed as a speech from a leader making daring decisions to fix the nation, the prime minister’s conference appearance rapidly descended into jokes about beavers.

What if 15 Airbus A330 had crashed last month in the UK?

4 min read
3,748 people have died of COVID-19 in the last 28 days. Is this the new ‘normal’ we are expected to accept? What if 15 Airbus A330 had crashed within a month in the UK? How would people react? How would the government react?

Why the UK’s ambitious plans for a trade deal with the US have been shelved.

4 min read
Joe Biden seems to have little appetite for closer economic ties.

COVID winter plan: UK blueprint doesn’t go far enough.

5 min read
Without an adequate plan, the UK will be stuck in a cycle of rising deaths and measures introduced too late to counter them.

Betamax Frost is an obstacle to a viable post-Brexit strategy.

13 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s analysis on how this summer’s events have overtaken Frost’s approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol, and where that approach might now lead, including whether Boris Johnson might ditch him.
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