Brandon Lewis

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New horizons? COVID-19 shows us that Westminster can embrace democratic innovation.

4 min read
With no tried-and-tested initiatives to follow, embracing technological innovation for a “Virtual Westminster Parliament” was always going to have to be improvised – but has since proved not to be impossible.

Zersetzung Brexit.

11 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on the swirl of last week’s events. What is the UK’s real stance on Northern Ireland or the Level Playing Field? Deliberate gaslighting, total confusion, or both? Does Johnson have a hidden agenda, and is it worse if he doesn’t?

The return of Perfidious Albion.

2 min read
On the reasons behind the UK Government’s insistence that there will not be any checks in the Irish Sea. A credible analysis by Dr John Cotter.

Survey reveals huge negative impact of Settled Status scheme on people.

4 min read
The promise was an automatic guarantee of rights. Instead, we have an ‘unsettling status’.

Government ignores serious concerns about EU citizens’ Settlement Scheme, trivialises them and obfuscates instead.

3 min read
The power balance in Parliament has shifted after the General Election. Laws impacting EU citizens can now be passed with little scrutiny and unamended.

Boris Johnson to renege on pledge to automatically grant status to EU/EEA citizens.

3 min read
Estimates show between 100,000 and 200,000 EU/EEA citizens are at risk of failing to apply for Settled Status in time and could face deportation.

Minister Brandon Lewis reveals a dark little secret about Settled Status.

2 min read
the3million reacts at the news that EU citizens who won’t have applied by the deadline could risk deportation.
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