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Not questioning Number 10’s coronavirus plan is a direct legacy of Brexit.

4 min read
On why Number 10’s science must be thoroughly scrutinised, questioned, checked, and tested before it becomes official, and why without an open and transparent debate, the government is demanding blind faith from an entire nation.

State of play in the UK-EU Brexit negotiations.

4 min read
A very informative thread by Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska on what we know so far about the first round of negotiations between the EU and the UK.

Fade to meh.

3 min read
De-conflicting, playing a long game or just losing interest?

Number 10 is making this up as they go along.

2 min read
Some thoughts about the holes in the ‘cunning plan’ view of Number 10 for the UK-EU negotiations.

Leave won. But the truth is, we ALL lost.

9 min read
Here is a fantastic thread by Edwin Hayward made of 91 examples of what Brexit took from us all after that awful referendum 4 years ago. If only it could fit on the side of a big red bus.

Brexit is going feral.

13 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on how and why we are seeing an intensifying attack on the Civil Service (and judiciary, BBC and some media, business). It is dangerous – but the Government should be wary of hubris.

Like it or not, Britain WILL have to align with someone.

5 min read
A revealing thread by Mujtaba Rahman on the current state of the UK-EU relations after the publication of both parties’ mandates for the incoming Brexit negotiations.
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