Brexit Deal

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Brexit Britain risks heading to international pariahdom.

12 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s Brexit analysis on the reputational damage of treating the Political Declaration and, worse, the Withdrawal Agreement as irrelevant; on the Terminator-like ERG; and how this matters for the UK’s global relationships.

What if Johnson never had any intention of enforcing any border checks?

3 min read
With the next General Election now a long way off, this thread by The Columnist is suddenly disturbingly plausible and warns against complacency over Boris Johnson’s willingness to give in to EU demands.

Fact-checking Boris Johnson’s ‘People’s PMQs’ lies, spin, and catchphrases.

4 min read
In a brilliant thread, Lewis Goodall injected facts into Boris Johnson’s otherwise unscrutinised new online propaganda machine.

Why a Tory Brexit endangers the rights of workers.

4 min read
The UK has benefited from EU labour protections, which will be vulnerable to the Conservative party’s deregulation agenda.

And there are still four weeks to go...

10 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on last week’s developments including an analysis of Nigel Farage’s new stance, the prospects for the Remain vote, why Jo Swinson is making a mistake, the problems of a ‘Canada style’ deal, how we are flying blind into Brexit, and more...

Will drug prices rise following a UK-US trade deal?

4 min read
Michael Gove claims that drug prices are not on the negotiating table. Professor Karl Claxton fact-checks the claim.

DUP may be overestimating opposition to Irish Sea border in Northern Ireland.

4 min read
Has the party unnecessarily compromised its powerful position in Westminster?
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