Brexit Transition Period

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Brexit countdown: Is it even possible to ratify a deal before the 31 December deadline?

5 min read
The ratification process on a trade deal usually takes months or even years, so can it be done for Brexit in a matter of days?

Brexit debilitation.

11 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on the deadline that wasn’t, the debilitating effects of uncertainty, the lies that got us here and the lies about why we are here, a non-prediction, and some advice (to myself, at least) to switch off the news...

The European Union’s no deal contingency plans in details.

4 min read
Professor Steve Peers summing up the European Union’s no deal contingency plans published on Thursday morning.

Deal or no deal? A difficult choice.

5 min read
As the Brexit talks continue for some time, a reminder of the electoral calculus facing Boris Johnson in choosing a deal or no deal with the European Union.

Another day, another deadline.

2 min read
Any possibility of concluding even a partial ratification between the UK and the EU before the end of the year is looking vanishingly small, according to Professor Simon Usherwood.

While we are waiting.

12 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s Brexit analysis on continuing uncertainty about deal/no-deal, how it links to the US election and geo-politics and domestic politics of Covid-19, what Labour’s role could be, and new reports on UK unpreparedness for the end of transition.

Gaps to a new deal.

4 min read
Some thoughts about what happens if there is a EU-UK deal but it is not ratified by 31 December. Spoiler: Best to avoid that situation!
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