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Why is Donald Trump favouring Britain with his presence right now?

4 min read
Considering there is no important business, deal or negotiation currently between the United States and Britain, Rashmee Roshan Lall thinks Trump’s UK visit is a waste of government money.

Journey from kirana to boardroom.

4 min read
British-Indians who once dominated kiranas are now in corporates, Parliament, on TV and represent the nation abroad.

Britain must address its linguaphobia now to survive post-Brexit.

4 min read
After Brexit, Britain can’t keep relying on everyone else speaking English.

People like war… a frightening evening inside Whitehall.

6 min read
My very personal response to PS21 Event April 17β€Šβ€”β€Šβ€˜Changing Face of Conflict’.

How wartime propaganda continues to poison Britain’s image of itself seven decades after VE Day.

4 min read
Are we, Britons, condemned to keep refighting the battles of our ancestors, as the outside world moves on?

Don’t look back in anger – in praise of nineties Britain.

5 min read
If you can’t remember the 1990s, then gather round and pay attention my Millenial friends while Grandad takes you on a trip into the past...

Brexit was fueled by xenofobia and a desire to dominate others in society, new paper reports.πŸ”·

1 min read
Majority of Leave voters voted for Brexit because of what they feel is Britain's supremacy. To them, Britain is exceptional, underrecognized, and entitled to privileged treatment.
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