British Empire

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Study shows UK school textbooks teach a highly simplified version of US civil rights movement.

4 min read
Learning about the Windrush generation in UK school remains an optional topic for 11 to 14-year-olds studying history. Critics have condemned Britainโ€™s โ€œhistorical amnesiaโ€.

Creating expectations.

7 min read
The oven ready Brexit deal has turned out to be a lie. The UK is now going where even Margaret Thatcher didnโ€™t dare tread โ€“ ripping up an international treaty and showing itself to be an untrustworthy partner.

They still want their country to have an empire...

2 min read
A quarter of Britons and Dutch wish they still had empires.

We need to talk about empire: Britain is being forced to confront its โ€˜original sinโ€™.

5 min read
Britain must face the uncomfortable truth that, contrary to the โ€œeconomic theoryโ€ that insists meritocracy and mercantile enterprise made the country rich, it actually owes a large part of its wealth to its role in the slave trade.

The uncomfortable past.

7 min read
It takes a dramatic event such as toppling a statue to force people to confront uncomfortable truths and the ugly reality of what the British Empire did abroad.

Statues are just the start โ€“ The UK is peppered with slavery heritage.

6 min read
Britainโ€™s heritage is steeped in the remnants and history of slavery, but you wouldnโ€™t necessarily know it.

The pageant of British self-regard.

5 min read
VE Day is not an occasion for celebration. War is not, and should never be, something to be celebrated.
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