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America: The water cooler taken off the boiler.

7 min read
Now that Trump has gone, the abusers don’t want peace and compromise. They just know they can’t hurt anyone on the level they did before.

My job is to follow my curiosity in the public interest.

9 min read
I was recently accused of doing “partisan” science by the leader of a large right-wing Swiss political party, so this is going to be a few thoughts about academia, having open political positions and Switzerland. Grab a cuppa.

Can you unintentionally bully someone? Here is the science.

6 min read
Just because someone doesn’t have a calculated agenda of bullying another person, they can still, perhaps subconsciously, intend to harm them in isolated and emotional moments.

Can we spare a thought for the victims of Priti Patel’s bullying?

2 min read
Imagine being bullied at work, then being told it is no big deal, unintentional even, and eventually seeing the bully being protected. That’s happening right now at the highest level of power!

It is NOT a crime to speak out against bullying.

3 min read
Nicola James speaks out about her dreadful experience of being bullied and harassed on Twitter.

Grit your teeth, America! The bully pulpit is here to stay.

4 min read
Have you ever seen a bully get their comeuppance? I have, even before recent events. It is not as satisfying as one might think.
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