Cambridge Analytica

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Tech censorship is dangerous, but micro-targeted adverts are worse.

8 min read
We need to reign in political advertising online, perhaps ban it altogether, before it destroys and corrupts politics and democracy altogether.

I voted Leave. I believed the lies. Then I felt sick and anxious.

3 min read
Claire voted Leave in 2016. She immediately regretted her vote when she realised she had played into the hands of people who care not one jot about the UK’s best interest. A Remainer Now, she would proudly vote Remain in a second referendum.

A second Brexit referendum is getting more likely. Here’s 3 things that must happen first.

5 min read
We can prevent a re-run of the abuses that dogged the 2016 vote. Here’s how.

Which of these people would you trust most?

4 min read
Memes and social networks have become weaponised. The happy days of kittens and hot dog legs on a deck chair are still with us, but we have been joined by political-bot armies.

Brexit, Trump and Russia: A story of dark money and deep data.

5 min read
On the effect of Robert Mercer’s funding of both Young Americas Foundation and Young Britons Foundation — or, The three pronged strategy of Steve Bannon’s influence on both Brexit and Trump.

GDPR to the rescue, as Facebook betrays our trust.

5 min read
Facebook isn’t having a good week. In fact, since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Facebook, along with other social networking platforms, (Twitter, Instagram, Google etc.) have been in a bit of hot water.

Watch — Whistleblower Christopher Wylie giving evidence in Parliament.

1 min read
Watch former Cambridge Analytica employee and whistleblower Christopher Wylie tell British MPs that the EU referendum result may have been different without Leave campaigns ‘coordination’ and financial ‘cheating.’
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