Change UK

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A coat of many colours: How to react to Chuka Umunnaโ€™s defection.

5 min read
When news broke of Chuka Umunnaโ€™s move to the Liberal Democrats, a mixed response greeted the Streatham MP. Anger, cynicism, and acceptance: all forming a difficult problem to answer.

Change UKโ€™s demise: Disappointment, arrogance, and Nandoโ€™s.

6 min read
Reactions have been harsh, though some commentators have reflected on the groupโ€™s moral argument for their original departures from Labour and the Conservatives.

Change UK โ€” Not changing that much...

6 min read
On why, after having applied to be an MEP for Change UK and having now realised what they actually meant by โ€œchanging politicsโ€, I will vote Lib Dems in the European Elections on 23 May.
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