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Food bank donations surged during the pandemic – But look closely at the data and there is trouble ahead.

4 min read
Donations to food banks surged as the coronavirus pandemic raged. But they are on the decline again just as people need more help.

Coronavirus is killing quality journalism – Here is one possible lifeline.

5 min read
Public service journalism is more vital now than ever and should be given charitable status.

Why highlighting non-autistic voices to talk about autistic people?

3 min read
On the lack of representation of autistic people in academia, training, research, education and charities dedicated to autism. Especially when they say things that directly contradict the autistic lived experience.

Solving climate change, helping the homeless, picking up litter... For children, charity is about more than money.

4 min read
Young children should be given a bigger role in deciding which charities their schools and families support.
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