Civil Service

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I’ve studied the ‘weirdos’ Dominic Cummings is talking about – I’m not sure he really understands who they are.

4 min read
Boris Johnson’s adviser is asking job applicants to give him their all. And in return? He’ll fire them on the spot if they don’t fit in.

Dominic Cummings wants to add more political appointees to the civil service – Here’s why that’s a problem.

5 min read
In the US, some federal departments become known as ‘turkey farms’ – stuffed with loyal but ultimately useless political appointees. Do we want them in Britain?

Brexit, the new McCarthyism.

3 min read
Nigel Farage absolutely supports the idea that all UK civil service and military personnel who don’t believe in Brexit should face the sack.

Open Letter to Lord Kerslake — You said “civil service will speak out by the end of February.”

3 min read
At a People’s Vote event today, Lord Bob Kerslake said that the senior civil servants will speak out about Brexit by the end of February.
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