Climate Emergency

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What Boris Johnson’s government needs to do to show it is serious on climate change.

4 min read
After his landslide victory, Boris Johnson declared his ambition to make his country “the cleanest, greenest on Earth”. Here is what he needs to do to prove it.

Greta Thunberg is right to be deeply disappointed but for the wrong reasons.

3 min read
It may not so much be the world leaders who are to blame for climate change inaction as the people they represent.

Will politicians take action and try to save the planet from climate change?

4 min read
Scientists from all over the world agree that the impacts of climate change will get worse, unless action is taken now.

Heatwaves and flash floods: yes, this is Britain’s ‘new normal’.

4 min read
Climate change is expected to bring the UK both more heatwaves, and more intense rainfall.

Citizens’ assemblies: How to bring the wisdom of the public to bear on the climate emergency.

5 min read
Citizens’ assemblies could be vital in kick-starting the tough steps needed to safeguard a healthy world – but the detail for how they will work will be important.

Greenpeace interrupt Chancellor’s speech to call for Government to tackle Climate Emergency.

4 min read
Chancellor Philip Hammond’s speech at Mansion House was interrupted by Greenpeace this evening, calling for the Government to tackle the Climate Emergency.
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