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It can’t happen here – And then it did.

4 min read
For almost a century, American popular culture has perpetuated the idea that only journalists working in foreign countries could be in danger.

Trump White House goes 300+ days without a press briefing — Why that’s unprecedented.

6 min read
A longtime White House reporter describes what’s lost when the relationship between the press and the president is bad and once-routine press briefings aren’t held.

Lessons learned from the Twitterverse.

4 min read
How B. Jay Cooper, by trying to clarify a fact on Twitter, realised the extent of polarization in the United States in the current political climate.

A brief history of television interviews — and why live TV helps those who lie and want to hide.

6 min read
Why do TV news shows book interviews with people who lie or obfuscate? Dogged interviewer Mike Wallace was an example of how to do it right. But on live TV, it’s almost impossible to do what he did.

Are these debates just made for TV? What about the election?

3 min read
Put aside the substance of the Democratic debates. CNN over-produced them, over-dressed them up and over-prettied up the Fox Theater.
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