Covid-19 Immunity

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Which countries will be the next to see a big spike in COVID cases?

6 min read
Low levels of immunity and high levels of mixing are a perfect setting for the next big outbreak.

UK vaccine booster Q&A: What will be given and when, explained by public health expert.

5 min read
This is still a new pandemic. It’s still not known conclusively how long COVID-19 immunity lasts and how strong it will be. A major concern is that a new #variant emerges that can evade the immunity provided by existing vaccines – what’s known as “vaccine escape”.

Can vaccinated people still spread the coronavirus?

5 min read
You’ve been vaccinated; can you now safely see your friends and family? New research hints that vaccinated people may be less likely to transmit the coronavirus, but they are not 100% in the clear.

COVID-19 immunity: How long does it last?

5 min read
Long-term protection will depend on the ‘memory response’ developed by our immune systems – and the initial signs are promising.

28 days later: The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination process.

1 min read
How long does it take to achieve full immunity in the case of a successful vaccination?
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