Covid-19 & Schools

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How will the COVID-19 pandemic play out this winter?

5 min read
Flexibility and accepting that stronger control measures might be needed is important given how uncertain things are ahead of winter.

Shunned by society for keeping ourselves safe – Life of a clinically vulnerable family.

5 min read
In the UK, COVID-19 risk to vulnerable people is ignored or minimised. Unnecessary deaths are accepted, even justified. As if the death of vulnerable people was less important and their lives less valuable. When have we stopped caring in this country?

“The government is failing the people” – Experts.

7 min read
Experts and health professionals on Number 10 sidelining behaviour experts at SAGE, thousands of COVID deaths reported every week, teenagers finally getting vaccinated in England, COVID cases among schoolchildren hitting record peak in England, and England’s new, controversial Covid travel rules.

What the experts say about making schools safer and the vaccination of children.

4 min read
Making schools safer isn’t about personal choice, it is about public health and caring for each other.

Crying for not being able to protect my children.

2 min read
“I tried to protect my children – now I am being forced to send them in by a government that has done nothing to keep them safe.”

Open letter to Gavin Williamson — England’s schools must be made safe.

9 min read
The lack of robust mitigation measures in schools puts children at greater risk of Covid-19 infection and its consequences. This open letter calls for robust mitigation measures to make schools safe.

When cases are high and children are unvaccinated, it’s unethical.

5 min read
As schools return, the highly transmissible Delta variant has added an extra layer of concern to headteachers, teachers, parents, and children. What do experts and health professionals think is the best way to deal with COVID-19 in the new school year?
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