Covid-19 & Schools

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Why are more children in school now than during the first lockdown?

4 min read
We need to return to a norm of families only accessing in-school provision where it is absolutely unavoidable, and that appropriate economic and social support is provided to those who need it most.

Coronavirus: How school closures affect infection numbers.

5 min read
Our research can help understand the role schools play in transmission, Dr Derek Groen writes.

Why does Boris Johnson delay coronavirus lockdown decisions?

5 min read
The prime minister stands accused of dither and delay for the third time after announcing another England-wide lockdown. Can psychology help us explain what’s going on?

While another 23 areas of England enter Tier 4, most schools will remain open as planned. Why?

4 min read
There is growing evidence that young people are either being infected by the coronavirus or transmitting it, or both. Why then place another 23 areas of England in Tier 4, and yet keep most schools open as planned?

Vital questions on the impact of the government’s inaction on UK hospitals and schools.

4 min read
Was Brexit a bridge too far, at a time when government simply needed to focus all its energy and resources on managing just one crisis, one project, one message, one nation: Covid-19 – and tackle it successfully? Dr Joe Pajak asks.

UK Covid-19 data trends, 26 December 2020.

3 min read
Unless you have directly experienced, or witnessed the deaths of loved ones, close friends or colleagues, or patients you are treating, then the data risk being little more than numbers on a chart. They aren’t. They are a dreadful fact, and some might feel, verging on unpardonable.

UK Covid-19 data trends, 18 December 2020.

4 min read
For many school leaders, schools, and their communities, the government’s announcement of a staggered term start in the New Year, and mass testing, was yet another final straw in a year of far too many final straws, Dr Joe Pajak writes.
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