Covid-19 Self-Isolation

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COVID-19: When are you most infectious?

4 min read
Here is why we could reduce the period for self-isolation.

Should schools close to prevent Covid-19 transmission?

4 min read
If there has been coronavirus spread within schools, between year groups, would it not make sense to close entire schools to prevent further transmission within communities?

Only 1 in 5 Brits self-isolates.

2 min read
This is a shocking survey on self-isolation and self-isolation intention in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

Behavioural science can help make the UK’s track and trace app a success.

5 min read
While the delay to releasing the Track & Trace app is disappointing, it’s a chance to use behavioural science to optimise its design. Downloading the app is only the first step – and arguably the easiest.
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