Covid-19 Vaccine Dosage

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What is the government’s strategy regarding Covid-19 vaccine dosage? Is it the right one? What do the experts think about it?

15 million vaccinations. The tree that hides the forest?

4 min read
More than 15 million people in the UK have now received their first dose of a Covid vaccine. A piece of extraordinary news that must be celebrated... with some important caveat.

The Week in Covid-19.

9 min read
We look back at last week’s coronavirus situation in the UK, the number of infections remaining high during the lockdown, vaccine nationalism, the gap between vaccine doses, the South African variant, the NHS, and more...

The Week in Covid-19.

8 min read
Dr Joe Pajak looks back at last week’s coronavirus situation in the UK, one year on and over 100,000 lost lives, the various opinions of health professionals on the UK vaccine dosing interval, and more...

The Government can’t afford to get its vaccine strategy wrong.

5 min read
What is currently the government’s strategy regarding Covid-19 vaccines? Two doses? One dose? What are the risks? Who knows what the government’s SAGE committee has advised?
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