Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

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Relaxing restrictions hasn’t made COVID cases spike – but this doesn’t mean herd immunity has arrived.

6 min read
Voluntary modifications to behaviour – such as mask-wearing when it’s not mandatory – are probably helping to keep the virus in check.

“We are now storing up trouble for the future” – Experts.

6 min read
Experts and health professionals on the rise in infections in secondary-age children, on whether the worst effects of the pandemic may not just be over yet, and on the lack of face coverings at the Conservative Party Conference.

“The government is failing the people” – Experts.

7 min read
Experts and health professionals on Number 10 sidelining behaviour experts at SAGE, thousands of COVID deaths reported every week, teenagers finally getting vaccinated in England, COVID cases among schoolchildren hitting record peak in England, and England’s new, controversial Covid travel rules.

UK COVID cases have fallen dramatically – but another wave is likely.

5 min read
Vaccine coverage is among the world’s best and cases have come down from their peak – but the pandemic isn’t over yet.

COVID-19 in the UK – Power, expert complicity, and the manufacture of inevitability.

12 min read
An attempt to share my meta-view of the last 18 months and why despite being constantly enraged by the UK’s pandemic response, I have never been surprised by it.

Manage your COVID-19 vaccine appointment online.

3 min read
It is now possible to check the availability of COVID-19 vaccine appointments on the NHS website. Here’s how...

COVID restrictions: The data that explains why England is facing four more weeks of lockdown.

6 min read
COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations have risen over the past month. While Boris Johnson on Monday indicated that July 19 would be the day of final and irreversible reopening, it may be most prudent to continue to follow the data rather than the dates.
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