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Coronavirus: Four traps governments fall into when making decisions about lockdown.

5 min read
Lockdowns have been a key tool in the war chest of many governments trying to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. Some, however, have questioned the wisdom of lockdowns, arguing that their benefits do not outweigh the wider costs to society.

Coronavirus is no longer seen as high risk by many โ€“ and thatโ€™s undermining control measures.

5 min read
Good communication and factoring in human behaviours can prevent people from dismissing the risk of the coronavirus.

Why lockdowns donโ€™t necessarily infringe on freedom.

5 min read
As long as even the strictest lockdown can count on broad democratic support, and the rules remain subject to scrutiny by our representatives and the press, they do not infringe on our freedom.

Moderna follows Pfizer with exciting vaccine news โ€“ How to read these dramatic developments.

5 min read
As Moderna follows Pfizer with exciting news, the recent vaccine trial results certainly look impressive, but here is how to fully interrogate what they really mean.

Stories from lockdown: Interviews show how poor housing quality made life even more tough.

4 min read
People told us about leaking roofs and guttering, and about how water coming into their housing had caused internal damage, damp and mould.

Could a test really detect if someone is a COVID-19 โ€˜superspreaderโ€™?

5 min read
A new test developed in Australia will reportedly be able to tell us whether someone has a high โ€˜viral loadโ€™. But that doesn't automatically make them a โ€˜superspreaderโ€™.

Coronavirus could create a lockdown generation in Latin America if governments donโ€™t act.

4 min read
The historically high level of informal work in Latin America will make its recovery much more difficult than elsewhere.
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