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Without a vote you have no voice, no representation.

2 min read
There was nothing democratic about #DeniedMyVote.

Time to put our money where our mouths are.

3 min read
Letโ€™s actually show solidarity with the3million, Nicola James writes in support for the #DeniedMyVote legal challenge. Pledge some money now, and get back to discussing automotive eye tests and emergency castle visits.

Stand up to discrimination against EU citizens in the UK.

3 min read
Tens of thousands of EU citizens in the UK were denied their vote in the European Parliament elections a year ago. A large scale discrimination against EU citizens.

Should the government crowdfund a Big Ben Brexit bong?

4 min read
Boris Johnson has proposed the public โ€˜bung a bob for a Big Ben bongโ€™ to commemorate Brexit. Is involving the public directly the best way forward as a method of funding public spending?

A disappointing Boris Johnson on citizensโ€™ rights.

5 min read
the3millionโ€™s update on the #DeniedMyVote crowdfunder, a disappointing new Prime Minister and the latest news from Brussels.

Thereโ€™s a new blimp in town.

1 min read
Have you heard the news? Thereโ€™s a new blimp in town... a Boris blimp!

Help rebuild SODEM to stop Brexit.

1 min read
SODEM was smashed up after the ex-English Defence League leader was sentence to nine months in jail over contempt of court.
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