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War is sweet to them that know it not.

26 min read
Remember this reality when mediocre members of parliament and extremist politicians alike use the language of war in their arguments and in politics in general.

African-American GIs of WWII: Fighting for democracy abroad and at home.

7 min read
When war broke out, black Americans fought in segregated units to serve their country. The breath of freedom they experienced in Europe flamed the fight for equality when they returned home.

D-Day 75 years on: ‘Special relationship’ forged on the beaches of France now poised to enter a new era.

5 min read
Relations between the UK and the US haven’t always been that “special”.

D-Day succeeded thanks to an ingenious design called the Mulberry Harbours.

5 min read
How engineers helped the Allies defeat Nazi Germany and win World War II.
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