Daniel Hannan

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Brave new world.

13 min read
Professor Chris Grey looks at why and how to analyse post-transition Brexit realities, reviews the early effects, and discusses the demands to come together and to move on from Brexit.

When you set a precedent, others will follow it in the future.

2 min read
There is a strong argument for why appointments should be apolitical, and unwittingly former Tory MEP Daniel Hannan has hit on it.

Trashing the UK.

6 min read
Are Scottish nationalists โ€œtrashing the British brandโ€, as former MEP Daniel Hannan claims, or has the UKโ€™s reputation been trashed by the Conservatives and Ultra-Brexiters like Hannan himself?

The Cummings affair.

8 min read
Professor Chris Greyโ€™s latest Brexit analysis on what the Cummings affair means in term of populism, elitism, the Brexit culture war, rule-following, rule-breaking, ruling, campaigning and governing.

Ladybird Libertarians: Dan Hannan, Paddington and the pernicious impact of 1970s childrenโ€™s literature on Brexit thinking.

7 min read
How 1970s kids books formed the intellectual basis for Brexit. In essence โ€œLadybird booksโ€ were a kind of propaganda but we never noticed โ€” and a lot of people still havenโ€™t. (Warning: โ€œMay contain Dan Hannans.โ€)

They change their minds... so you donโ€™t have to.

4 min read
If politicians and political commentators out there can change their minds sometimes even multiple times... why canโ€™t you?

The BBC and pro-Brexit bias: The subtle consequences of liberal guilt.

18 min read
Read again this exclusive piece by Professor Chris Grey on the pro-Brexit bias at the BBC.
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