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Jeremy Corbyn — Election study data suggests Labour leader faces a tougher struggle than in 2017.

4 min read
Voters have less faith in the Labour leader’s suitability to lead than they did after his 2017 successes.

Is the DWP using research company data to snoop on claimants?

5 min read
Is the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) using research data to compare to its own records of benefit claimants? Alex Tiffin investigates.

Home Office to share widely EU citizens’ data with organisations in the UK and overseas after Brexit.

3 min read
Is it at all acceptable for Theresa May’s Government to hold and share data from EU citizens living in the UK, when the former Home Secretary herself scrapped the ID cards scheme in 2010 because she thought there was a civil liberties argument against them?
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