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Hundreds of thousands of people could be in the wrong place when it’s time to vote.

4 min read
Many people move house every year – and few of them inform the electoral register.

Staring into the black hole — Frozen feelings in this General Election.

3 min read
A heartfelt opinion piece by Nyla Nox on reaching the point when Brexit hurt so much that you end up feeling nothing but alienated. Does hope still exist though?

The forced contortions of the British voter.

5 min read
In most countries – almost all of them on this planet in fact – voting is a pretty straightforward process. People vote for the party whose policies are most closely aligned with their own goals and values. But in the UK that is not the case.

Extend the franchise to all UK residents in General Elections.

3 min read
The Brexit saga continues in the same undemocratic circumstances in which it started.

Is the UK ready for an election? Inside a system straining at the seams.

5 min read
Voters complained of being turned away from polling stations in the European elections, and local teams are struggling to keep registers up to date on tight budgets.

Facebook claims Libra offers economic empowerment to billions – An economist is skeptical.

5 min read
Facebook claims its new cryptocurrency will bring financial inclusion and opportunity to billions, pushing cash further to the fringes. Is that a good thing?

Mrs May doesn’t matter.

4 min read
Asked what she feels about Theresa May standing down as prime minister, Nyla Nox writes that she leaves a legacy that has caused constant, extreme misery for many innocent people and a lot of unnecessary suffering.
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