Domestic Violence

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School reopenings will not necessarily help protect vulnerable children.

4 min read
Children abused at home may not be safer at school – in fact the lockdown may have made life easier for children at risk, and their parents.

The reality of male violence towards women.

4 min read
As two women die every week due to domestic violence, please take just five minutes of your time to listen to Labour MP Jess Phillips reading the names of these women.

Legal expert: Why the CPS must pursue cases, even if a victim withdraws their complaint.

4 min read
The ability to prosecute alleged domestic abuse cases without the support of the victim is vital.

The terrible link between jihadists and Islamophobes.

4 min read
In her book β€œHome Grown: How Domestic Violence Turns Men Into Terrorists,” human rights campaigner Joan Smith makes the case that β€œthere is a close link between private and public violence.”

After this week there’s no doubt – we’re in a war of regression.

4 min read
The constant stream of bad news and even worse opinions has crippled our country. This frustration with politics will leave a dark mark for years to come. Will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights?
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