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Nigel Farage ignores everything about how Human Rights work.

6 min read
Imagine my lack of shock at finding out that Nigel Farage either does not know, or does not care โ€“ quite possibly both โ€“ the facts related to asylum seekers in the UK, deportations, International Law, or Human Rights.

Childrenโ€™s climate change case at the European Court of Human Rights โ€“ Whatโ€™s at stake?

5 min read
Six Portuguese youngsters say 33 countries have violated their human rights by causing climate change.

Are we all experts now, then?

3 min read
โ€œFamilyโ€ and โ€œhuman rightsโ€ are not things you can simply pick and choose to care about whenever it is convenient to you. Politicians should acknowledge the limits of their knowledge and expertise.

Sacrificing rights for some could quite literally sacrifice them for all.

5 min read
If you, as many others โ€“ including the Home Office it seems, had only just a vague grasp of how different laws and treaties work in relation to asylum seekers and deportation from the UK, this very informative piece will definitely clarify things.

MPs should learn a basic level about the laws governing this country instead of tweeting their ignorance about refugees.

5 min read
Letโ€™s break Sarah Athertonโ€™s letter on refugees and boat crossings down, and the spectacular lack of knowledge demonstrated by the MP for Wrexham in it, shall we?

France not as safe for asylum seekers as it is for you and I.

4 min read
There is a lot in the news and across social media at the moment about โ€œmigrant crossingsโ€ in the Channel, and one of the most common arguments which appears to keep cropping up is people claiming that France is a โ€œsafe countryโ€.

Greet refugees with humanity and invest in struggling communities.

6 min read
On the concerns about refugees crossing the English Channel to Britain and why they need to be addressed and refuted, not just for the refugees but also for the native citizens.
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