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No true Socialist: The Venezuela model is not the only choice.

4 min read
Ideological purity is easier to grasp, and dichotomous thinking is natural to our tribal instincts, but reality is complex, and a failure to acknowledge that dumps us into poor thinking.

Pro-Brexit or against it? Here’s why it doesn’t really matter to the world.

2 min read
Why a general decline of Britain’s global influence means that Brexit will be a problem for the UK but not for the rest of the world.

Have the Tories the people’s interests at heart with Brexit?

6 min read
Some comparative economics to see whether ANY Tory (and the author was one himself) has the people’s interests at heart. Comparing Britain with our partners in Europe.

To fly, or not to fly, is that the Brexit question?

11 min read
The Government may want to pretend that a No Deal Brexit will be perfectly fine and the Leavers may want to pretend that Turnip Porridge is delicious, but the fact is that our economy would simply be catastrophically damaged by a No Deal Brexit.

Five things you need to know about the customs union.

5 min read
Professor Steve Peers on the basic aspects and benefits of a customs union with the European Union.

We’re in recession territory: We’re in the shit.

2 min read
Brexit has put a huge drain on the public purse. We’re now in recession territory.

Economists and crystal balls.

6 min read
Before and since the Brexit referendum there have been numerous criticisms made of economic models, of the views of ‘experts’ and the supposed inaccuracy of their forecasts.
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