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How your flip-flops reveal the dark side of globalisation.

5 min read
Connecting smugglers, disposable workers, garbage pickers and the poorest of consumers, the flip-flop trail is one of globalisation’s darker stories.

Continuity underlines most 2018 predictions: how realistic is that?

8 min read
As punditry goes overboard on the 2018 outlook, what do we really know? What we should be looking for isn’t so much forecasts as discontinuities.

The dawn of the Economy of the mind: The Ether Economy.

14 min read
A new economy is coming. We know it’s coming... but we can’t exactly see it coming.

How free trade saves your Christmas.

1 min read
Free trade deals like NAFTA have in recent years become easy targets for populist politicians of both the left and right, but their claims like the idea that ‘free trade costs jobs’ are inaccurate and unfounded.
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