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We only lost a battle. Let’s now fight on for truth and decency.

4 min read
Boris Johnson and his government will continue to promise the moon, the sun and the stars, whilst destroying the country. We must hold them to account.

Vote tactically. Keep the Tories OUT of Number 10.

6 min read
Our position in the General Election. More foodbanks than McDonald’s, a government that ignores poverty and deliberately destroys public services, a PM who lacks empathy and runs away from scrutiny. If you are still tempted to vote Tory tomorrow, think again...

Invidious Albion — Time to embrace diversity.

5 min read
The fear of ‘the other’ has crippled our governance to the point of acceptance of racism and the platforming of intolerance. Daniel Reast explains, through personal account, how the UK can reject its bigotry.

EU27 torpedo Theresa May’s premiership with two new Brexit dates: 12/04 & 22/05.

5 min read
After a long day of debates between the 27 EU leaders in Brussels, the European Union has not come with one short extension to Article 50, but two, which will accommodate MPs and enable them to finally take control of Brexit.

A People’s Vote is more than ever on the table.

3 min read
Don’t listen to the Brexiters: after Donald Tusk’s response to Theresa May’s request of an extension of Article 50, a People’s Vote is probably the only viable outcome to Brexit.

“All in the valley of Death rode the six hundred (ish).”

7 min read
Wednesday’s proceedings have thrown several spanners into an already spluttering machine. Our Deputy Political Editor, Daniel Reast, summarises another bumper midweek in political history.

“I don’t think this was the final countdown Europe was referring to.”

5 min read
As it stands, a deal has not been ratified by the UK or EU parliaments, making the departure more likely to arrive without a formal agreement passed. However, Parliament has now exerted its authority, and Labour is reluctantly behind a People’s Vote. But is this enough to stop a No Deal?
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