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Open schools mean deaths โ€“ We need a gap year for schools now!

5 min read
As New York closes its schools, in this challenging opinion, Nyla Nox argues that a gap year for all UK schools is needed right now to protect children and adults from the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus could create a lockdown generation in Latin America if governments donโ€™t act.

4 min read
The historically high level of informal work in Latin America will make its recovery much more difficult than elsewhere.

Donโ€™t punish parents. Let them decide when itโ€™s safe to take their kids back to school.

2 min read
As England is about to go into a new lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, the Government has decided to keep schools open. This petition calls on the Government not to impose fines on parents who donโ€™t feel it is safe to send their children to school after the half-term.

Teachers union calls for an urgent circuit breaker for secondary schools and post-16 students.

2 min read
In the face of rapidly rising coronavirus infection levels amongst secondary pupils, the National Education Union is calling for an urgent circuit breaker to suppress Covid cases.

Study shows UK school textbooks teach a highly simplified version of US civil rights movement.

4 min read
Learning about the Windrush generation in UK school remains an optional topic for 11 to 14-year-olds studying history. Critics have condemned Britainโ€™s โ€œhistorical amnesiaโ€.

St Andrews University asks students to go into voluntary weekend lockdown.

3 min read
In a letter, the Scottish university asks all students to observe a voluntary lockdown this weekend, effective from 7pm on Friday evening.

More than four in five schools have children isolating because they canโ€™t access a COVID test.

3 min read
The results of a survey of members of the school leadersโ€™ union NAHT show how problems accessing tests for COVID-19 is affecting schools and children. โ€œThe government has failed schools and children.โ€
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