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Michael Gove’s grammar: Former education minister is gonna rue the day he used Nonstandard English.

4 min read
The former journalist raised eyebrows recently when he lapsed into Nonstandard English which is frowned upon in his National Curriculum.

Do people have a right to privately-funded education?

5 min read
A discussion of Labour’s proposal to #AbolishEton.

Forget Cumberbatch, see what Brexit manipulator really thinks of you.

5 min read
In autumn 2013, Dominic Cummings, the shady snake oil salesman at the head of Vote Leave, wrote 237 pages saying poor people are poor because they have inferior genes and brains and rich people are rich because they are superior.

Hey, Brexiters, leave them kids alone...

3 min read
Remember when our new home secretary, Priti Patel, said in 2016 that EU citizen’s children posed a threat to UK class sizes?

Limiting expression on social media.

6 min read
The ability to say unpopular things and the ability of others to counter such statements is an essential part of a free society, Greg Camp writes.

Brazilian universities fear Bolsonaro plan to eliminate humanities and slash public education budgets.

5 min read
Brazil’s new president was elected on promises to radically restructure Brazil. But proposed education spending cuts and curricular changes have students and teachers marching in the streets.

How the end of Britain’s empire led to rising inequality that helped Leave to victory.

17 min read
The link between empire, inequality – and Brexit.
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