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Why media education in schools needs to be about much more than ‘fake news’.

4 min read
Only 2% of children have the skills needed to identify a credible news story.

Do biased polls skew elections? Experimental evidence says yes.

3 min read
Study shows voters struggle to take media bias into account – even when they are explicitely told it’s there.

Voting could be the problem with democracy.

6 min read
Randomly selecting citizens to take turns governing offers the promise of reinvigorating struggling democracies, making them more responsive to citizen needs and preferences.

Divide and rule Britannia.

27 min read
The current narrative is “We live in a very divided Britain.” The truth is: it is all part of a strategy where media, politicians and social media combined their efforts to create a smoke-screen to cover their hidden agenda on Brexit, Windrush, immigration, money and power...

How Narendra Modi won with an even bigger majority.

5 min read
The Bharatiya Janata Party of Narendra Modi has claimed victory in the world’s biggest democratic exercise.

Has a mass disenfranchisement taken place in today’s European Elections?

22 min read
A systemic disenfranchisement of eligible voters may have occurred in today’s European Elections in the UK. EU citizens are being denied their vote all over the country.

Facebook wants to combat fake news with ID checks — with ‘grave implications’ for our privacy.

5 min read
People could be asked to prove their identity to continue posting political content or adverts on Facebook.
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