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First days of an uncertain future for the 5 million.

3 min read
On the first days of Brexit, the3million has some good news on voting rights for EU citizens in the UK and shows unity with the Brits in Europe.

Is the UK ready for an election? Inside a system straining at the seams.

5 min read
Voters complained of being turned away from polling stations in the European elections, and local teams are struggling to keep registers up to date on tight budgets.

Forget about Theresa May’s tears. Let’s talk about #DeniedMyVote instead!

1 min read
Mike Galsworthy explains why we should forget about Theresa May’s tears for herself and why the real story is the #DeniedMyVote scandal where EU citizens were denied their votes in the European Elections in the UK.

Has a mass disenfranchisement taken place in today’s European Elections?

22 min read
A systemic disenfranchisement of eligible voters may have occurred in today’s European Elections in the UK. EU citizens are being denied their vote all over the country.

Electoral Commission responds to Thursday’s EU citizens disenfranchisement.

3 min read
Following our reporting of today’s situation with EU citizens being denied their votes in polling stations, we have contacted the Electoral Commission and asked them some questions.

What we know about how political parties use Facebook advertising – and what we don’t.

5 min read
Overall spending is reported but important details are missing.

Thousands of EU citizens WILL be disenfranchised on 23 May.

3 min read
The Electoral Commission has not kept its promise to help EU citizens register to vote in the 2019 European Elections. As a result, thousands of EU citizens living in the UK will end up disenfranchised on 23 May. This is an insult to democracy.
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