EU Referendum

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#RemainerNow, the book.

2 min read
For the past two years, the #RemainerNow campaign has been sharing stories of people who voted Leave in the EU referendum but then changed their minds. These stories have now been compiled into a book as a way for them to be told and shared.

Together we are a force to be reckoned with.

3 min read
The #DeniedMyVote legal challenge is a very effective way to hold the government to account. The right to vote is a basic human right.

Once more, with feeling.

3 min read
It’s hard to shake the feeling that we’ve been here before. But what are we getting Brexit done for?

What does it take for a country to come together?

3 min read
On reconciliation and what it would mean for a country to come together after an acrimonious, difficult situation. I am talking about the EU Referendum and Boris Johnson’s calls for reconciliation and Justin Welby’s calls for reconnection.

Remainers vs Brexit Zombies.

4 min read
Remainers can still prevent the worst outcome and I know that millions will try to do so.

Was the 2016 referendum really ‘the biggest democratic exercise in this country’s history’?

4 min read
Next time you hear Brexiters, MPs and the Prime Minister claim that the 2016 referendum was “the biggest democratic exercise in this country’s history,” remind them that it is a myth invented by the Brexiters to treat the result as sacrosanct when it is not so.

What would it take for a decision on Brexit to be made?

4 min read
Part of me is surprised that it took until now for me to get overtaken by events.
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