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In Vienna, it’s yesterday once more.

2 min read
Is the Austrian Coalition Government a template for other such coalitions elsewhere in Europe even when one of the partners imposes its anti-immigrants narrative?

Open Letter to Emmanuel Macron: Details matter for enlargement reform.

4 min read
In an open letter to French President Macron, Corina Stratulat and Milena Lazarevic agree that it is time for a renewed approach to EU enlargement towards the Balkans, but argue that Macron failed to provide a concrete way forward.

Brexit. “Most difficult and disappointing moment in my mandate, of course,” Juncker.

3 min read
Jean-Claude Juncker commenting on the outcomes of his journey at the office as president of the EU Commission.

Europe does battle again with the demons of migration.

4 min read
Direct investment in countries that produce the most migrants is a strategically smart idea.

Brexit — How the people are using ‘news avoidance’ to escape the post-truth world of politics.

5 min read
The political class is tearing itself to pieces, and journalists are making sure we can read all about it. But beyond Westminster, why would people care about things they can do nothing about?

A more streamlined EU Commission structure.

3 min read
Fabian Zuleeg on ensuring that the European Commission maintains its ability to make decisions.

Key take-aways from the vote on von der Leyen — Tough times ahead.

4 min read
The extremely small majority by which Ursula von der Leyen passed in the European Parliament confirms our forecasts on what we can expect in the next 5 years in EU politics.
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