European Election

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Without a vote you have no voice, no representation.

2 min read
There was nothing democratic about #DeniedMyVote.

Together we are a force to be reckoned with.

3 min read
The #DeniedMyVote legal challenge is a very effective way to hold the government to account. The right to vote is a basic human right.

Stand up to discrimination against EU citizens in the UK.

3 min read
Tens of thousands of EU citizens in the UK were denied their vote in the European Parliament elections a year ago. A large scale discrimination against EU citizens.

What has been the long-term legacy of May’s European Election?

5 min read
Brexit continues to shape and reshape British politics, Sir John Curtice writes.

Is the UK ready for an election? Inside a system straining at the seams.

5 min read
Voters complained of being turned away from polling stations in the European elections, and local teams are struggling to keep registers up to date on tight budgets.

Two weeks to challenge the Government.

2 min read
We have two weeks to raise enough funds to challenge the Government about #DeniedMyVote.

#DeniedMyVote was unlawful — Now the3million challenges the Government.

3 min read
the3million on starting legal proceedings against the Government for denying the vote of thousands of EU citizens in the 2019 European Elections.
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