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Who needs what to ‘agree’ a Brexit Deal?

2 min read
Professor Simon Usherwood on why, until there is a full legal text on a Withdrawal Agreement, there is not going to be a deal.

Making sense of it all.

3 min read
Professor Simon Usherwood on why letting the Brexit Party paint itself as ‘the eyes of the public’ at the European Parliament is not an option, and why the institution must better engage with citizens.

My political journey – And how I became a #RemainerNow.

4 min read
The fascinating story of Andy, from Staffordshire. He was 14 at the time of the EU referendum and wanted the UK to leave the EU until recently. Prepared to change his position based on new information, he has now become a Remainer Now.

How each MEP voted on Trump, Putin and Maduro.

4 min read
During the first round of votes in the European Parliament, MEPs focused on foreign relations, while the legislative debate will resume after the summer.

Last week’s unmissable politics...

8 min read
Another week of fact-checked and unmissable politics in videos, in case you missed it.

Key take-aways from the vote on von der Leyen — Tough times ahead.

4 min read
The extremely small majority by which Ursula von der Leyen passed in the European Parliament confirms our forecasts on what we can expect in the next 5 years in EU politics.

Enjoy the Brexit doldrums while they last.

6 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on the Tory leadership contest, why the antics of the Brexit Party matter and the politics of anger that we are now stuck with.
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