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Essential reading: A collection of articles published in PMP Magazine by academics and experts on the Coronavirus pandemic. Analyses, advice, facts, and mythsbusting.

Why are people testing positive on lateral flow tests then negative on PCR?

5 min read
The reason for these results has yet to be confirmed – but maths may explain the phenomenon.

COVID winter plan: UK blueprint doesn’t go far enough.

5 min read
Without an adequate plan, the UK will be stuck in a cycle of rising deaths and measures introduced too late to counter them.

COVID vaccine boosters – Who will receive them and why are they being given?

5 min read
At this point in the pandemic, we ought to be able to both offer boosters to the most vulnerable ahead of the winter and increase the pace of vaccine rollout across the world.

The government has abdicated all responsibility for keeping us safe.

3 min read
Experts and health professionals on the vaccine, the variants, the government’s strategy, the risk of long-COVID, and what living with Covid really means.

Pandemic 2.0 – Where do we go from here? The Delta variant and the young.

5 min read
With the Delta variant becoming dominant globally, we need to change how we think about the properties and destructive potential of new virus variants. We need good policy decisions to ensure sufficient protection of our unprotected young, for health and for the economy.

Will Covid-19 become endemic, and what would this mean?

12 min read
There’s been a lot of talk about Covid-19 becoming “endemic”. But what does it actually mean?

Standing back and letting the virus reproduce freely is an invitation to disaster — Experts.

6 min read
Here is what experts and health professionals think about the lifting of the COVID restrictions in England by Boris Johnson’s government, and what they fear might be the consequences for the UK and for the entire world.
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