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The rhyme and rhythm of politics in the Trump era.

5 min read
If we don’t want the United States to follow the path of Germany in the 1930s, those of us who believe in the humanist values of basic rights, equality under the law, and progress for all must speak now, Greg Camp writes.

The Darroch leak and what it betokens.

7 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s excellent Brexit analysis on Kim Darroch, Donald Trump, the dark echoes of the Brexiters’ war on civil society, and a little bit of cautious optimism.

The historian who can help us all make sense of the mess the world’s in.

5 min read
We are, as Timothy Snyder is urgently reminding us, perilously close to the edge of the fascist cliff.

The ‘Orbanisation’ of India? Before that, there was the ‘Modi-fication’ of Hungary.

2 min read
Rashmee Roshan Lall compares Narendra Modi’s India with Viktor Orban’s Hungary. It is a scary thought.

We need to talk about Austria.

5 min read
How one event in Austria reveals a lot about the way UK political parties and politicians may work with foreign influencers to destroy the European Union.

Is Farage’s new ‘Brexit’ party fascist?

4 min read
A lot of people, including me, have been pointing out that Nigel Farage’s new “Brexit Party” has some very strange members.

The return of fascism? Why this is the wrong question to ask.

5 min read
By obsessing over labels, we avoid having to confront more difficult questions.
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