Fixed Term Parliament Act

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Boris Johnson may soon have the power to call elections whenever he wants – A legal view on why that’s not a good idea.

5 min read
If anything, the past few years have shown us why it should be difficult for a prime minister to call an election at will.

Not whether to vote but how to vote – That is the question.

5 min read
General Election or Second Referendum? There is little agreement about how the will of the people should now be ascertained, Sir John Curtice writes.

If Boris Johnson loses a vote of confidence, he loses his authority to govern and must resign, QC says.

3 min read
If it is clear within 14 days of a vote of no confidence that an alternative government led by X commanding the confidence of the House of Commons can be formed, the Queen must appoint X, whatever Johnson does, George Peretz QC argues.
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