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Marcus Rashford, Black Lives Matter and a British premier who is out of his league.

6 min read
How the Manchester United and England star gave the UK government and Boris Johnson a lesson in the power of moral leadership.

Ben Shapiro and Megan Rapinoe illustrate contrasting pathways to American success.

4 min read
Ben Shapiro was born on third base and he is whining now about how Megan Rapinoe is still able to outrun him, Greg Camp writes.

Argentina vs Israel cancellation highlights the power of politics in sport.

4 min read
On the Argentinian football team cancelling their β€˜friendly’ game with Israel and the links between politics, power and sport in the region and beyond.

Saudi Moroccan soccer spat symbolizes the Arab world’s new politics.

5 min read
A Saudi Moroccan soccer spat speaks volumes about the depth of change in the Arab world.
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