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Social distancing and the social contract in the time of Covid-19.

4 min read
We all participate in a social contract, the collective agreement to protect each other, and the modern world with its safety net and cooperatively produced technology is what makes pandemics like coronavirus a thing that can be survived by most of the population.

Nigel Farage’s business is to oppose, and ultimately make the Tories fail to deliver Brexit.

4 min read
Why the Ultra-Brexiters are now fighting against Brexiter PM Boris Johnson, and why they are ready to risk the whole Brexit project so close to the finishing line.

A brief history of television interviews — and why live TV helps those who lie and want to hide.

6 min read
Why do TV news shows book interviews with people who lie or obfuscate? Dogged interviewer Mike Wallace was an example of how to do it right. But on live TV, it’s almost impossible to do what he did.

You can’t spell “believer” without “lie” — A look at why Trump lies so much.

8 min read
Part 42 in a series of essays on game theory and politics, this on Trump’s lies.

Last week’s unmissable politics...

5 min read
Another week of fact-checked and unmissable politics in videos, in case you missed it. Featuring Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Kirsten Gillibrand, James Cleverly and Dan Patrick.
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