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Coronavirus: Researchers no longer need consent to access your medical records.

5 min read
The UK government has quietly relaxed a confidentiality law that protects patient health data. Here is why that matters.

A disappointing Boris Johnson on citizens’ rights.

5 min read
the3million’s update on the #DeniedMyVote crowdfunder, a disappointing new Prime Minister and the latest news from Brussels.

Government have not told people when their rights have been curtailed – on a scale of 60% of cases!

2 min read
the3million and the Open Rights Group argue that the immigration exemption, which passed into law last year as part of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018, is unlawful.

Is data protection coming home? The CJEU on data protection law and Jehovah’s Witnesses — and political canvassing.

6 min read
On the CJEU ruling on data protection law and Jehovah’s Witnesses — and the implications for politics.

GDPR to the rescue, as Facebook betrays our trust.

5 min read
Facebook isn’t having a good week. In fact, since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, Facebook, along with other social networking platforms, (Twitter, Instagram, Google etc.) have been in a bit of hot water.
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