George Soros

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Marjorie Taylor Greene: The real thing.

4 min read
There is a politician who says what she honestly believes: Marjorie Taylor Greene. There is no trying to figure out where she is coming from. She lays it right out there...

The clown car is unloading everything.

6 min read
The clown car is emptying to give one last theater of the absurd performance.

Hungary to get a new university — from China. Here is why it matters and doesn’t.

2 min read
A Chinese University is planning to open a campus in Hungary, by 2024, weakening the country’s ties to its western allies.

The Trump effect was underway long before Trump. But now, it is empowered.

2 min read
Mr Trump has given cover and ballast to anti-democratic tools, Rashmee Roshan Lall writes.

Two-thirds of Hungarian voters believe George Soros has a political party.🔷

1 min read
George Soros, Hungarian-born, American billionaire and philanthropist, is a liberal political activist. Hungary's right-wing government often attacks Soros for his support for more open immigration and most recently launched a billboard campaign against him, reducing him to an "enemy of the state."
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