Global Britain

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What the British public thinks about post-Brexit trade deals.

5 min read
How the public ranks different post-Brexit trade partners and which sections of the economy they prioritise.

Brexiters need to stop campaigning and start governing.

11 min read
Professor Chris Grey’s latest Brexit analysis on how this would mean being truthful, realistic, strategic, competent, inclusive and above all accepting that they have won. Spoiler: there is no sign of this happening.

How important is NATO to British defence policy?

4 min read
With Brexit on the horizon, Britain’s role in NATO won’t change, but its defence priorities might.

‘Global’ Britain is no longer among the world’s top 10 diplomatic powers.

1 min read
The UK is no longer among the top 10 diplomatic powers. And that’s just in terms of diplomatic network, never mind global reach.

Brexit’s ‘Global Britain’: UK needs a clear economic strategy for its trading future, not a dead colonial fantasy.

5 min read
The notion of ‘Empire 2.0’ embraced by Brexiters is backward-facing nonsense.
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