Good Friday Agreement

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How Brexit is leading a resurgent Irish American influence in US politics.

5 min read
Northern Ireland looms even larger an issue for Brexit as US Irish Americans wield influence.

Nancy Pelosi on Brexit: Why Irish-US diplomacy is a powerful force in border talks.

5 min read
The House of Representatives speaker repeatedly said the UK can forget about a trade deal with the US if it fails to meet its obligations to the Good Friday Agreement.

Brexit is a rejection of the Good Friday Agreement for peace in Northern Ireland.

6 min read
Two scholars examined days of parliamentary debate to learn how British MPs talk about the β€˜Irish backstop’ and maintaining peace in Northern Ireland.

Brexit deal breaks deadlock – experts react.

8 min read
Theresa May has reached an agreement with the EU that will enable her to proceed to the second stage of Brexit negotiations. Here's what it all means.
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