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The GP bashing must end now!

3 min read
A media campaign of GP bashing has angered a lot of GPs who worked extremely hard during the first wave of the pandemic and now fear that it appears to give some patients permission to behave with nasty attitudes towards primary care staff. Read this shocking thread.

Coronavirus – What’s the worst that can happen?

6 min read
A brilliant and heartbreaking thread by GP Katie Bramall-Stainer on the truth about the government’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus crisis from a frontline point of view. The government has shown an appalling lack of preparation and a poor management of Covid-19 from the start.

Conservative plan for the NHS – Does it add up?

4 min read
Promises in the Tory manifesto on the NHS fall well short of what is needed.

Labour manifesto and the NHS — The verdict.

4 min read
A more generous pledge than last time, but how will it play out in reality? A health economist gives her verdict.
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